Asociatia Studentilor Europeni (AEGEE) Bucuresti( AEGEE Bucuresti ) Activate in:: since 2000

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În cadrul Academiei de Studii Economice, Calea Dorobantilor, nr. 15 – 17, et 2, sala 2218, sector 1
Bucuresti - , Bucuresti
Location: 8-Bucuresti -Ilfov

Headquarters address:
ASE, Calea Dorobantilor nr. 15-17, cam. 2218, sector 1, Bucuresti, OP 13, CP 81
Bucuresti , Bucuresti
Location: 8-Bucuresti -Ilfov

Phone: +40745.093.959
Fax: +4021.314.50.75

Radu Racareanu
Executive manager:
Mirabela Popescu (Vicepresedinte)
Contact person:
Dragne George / Consilier Strangere de Fonduri

Found in: 2000

Annual budget: intre 10.000 si 25.000 USD/an

Beneficiaries: 3000
elevi si/sau studenti, ONG-uri si/sau comunitati locale

No. of employee: 0
No. of volunteers: 150
Volunteers profile:
Our voluntiers are students from all Bucharest universities.    

Account (lei): RO19RNCB 5078 0000 1017 0001

Bank: BCR, sucursala Univ

Access no.: 6854
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Asociatia Studentilor Europeni (AEGEE) Bucuresti ( AEGEE Bucuresti )

 Project contest

Project contest

 Mobility oportunities in EU

Mobility oportunities in EU

 Europe`s Day

Europe`s Day


The goal of our organization is to promote European values and to improve the degree of information and research activity of students.


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To achieve our goal, our association would like to achieve the following:


a) Promotion of research by implementing student and teacher research projects on different themes, in the areas of social studies, economy and politics;


b) Implementation of knowledge and experience exchange programs among students by organizing conferences, meetings, seminars and debates, courses that students and local and foreign specialists will attend;


c) Promotion of European spirit among young people, democracy, human rights and European dimension with an educational background;


d) Implementation of projects in cooperation with European institutions;


e) Implementation of an optimum environment for the realization of student research and informative activities;


f) Support for students as they begin professional activity, including informing and counseling them in their careers;


g) Facilitation of access to necessary information for completing studies by means of consultancy for obtaining local and foreign study scholarships;


h) Editing its own publications (informative bulletins, studies, research reports etc.);


i) Cooperation with other similar organizations that promote the same principles and values at a local, national and international level, and engaging in cooperation and partnership programs;


j) Support for actions and initiatives that correspond to the association goals, or are complementary to its objectives;


k) Organizing other activities related to the main goal of the association.




Three reasons to get a donation:
  1. AEGEE-Bucuresti is one antena of 250 AEGEE locals of the bigest students organisation in Europe

  2. We are promoting European Union by ours intercultural exchanges with students from all european countries.

  3. We are good motivated and good prepared because of our local and european training sesions.

NGO in numbers:
250 AEGEE antenas in Europe 
We are presents in 42 countries

Over 3 000 students join AEGEE-Bucuresti events every year

Main projects:




Period: 10-25 August


Place: Bucureşti and Danube Delta


Theme: the Romanian culture and traditions in an European context; promotion of the Danube Delta


Purpose: making a movie to promote the Romanian culture


Type of activities : trainings and workshops on topics related to cinematography


Target group: youngsters from , , , , , ,
, , .


Participants number: 30 – 40  students












Period: 15-19 November


Place: Bucuresti


Theme : Education, Voluntary, Career


Purpose: informing students about students about the Scholarship, Voluntary and Profession opportunities


Type of activities : fairs, confererences, forming sessions


Target group: students and graduates between 18 - 26 years old


Participants number: 2500 youngsters from Bucureşti




After the success of its first edition, SAW intends to inform students about Scholarship, Voluntary and Profession, trying to offer a general image on these three fields of interest through trainings on different topics likesales, IT, banks and through specialized fairs with institutions that offer scholarships and voluntary organizations.   








Period : 3-7 October 2005


Place: Bucuresti


Theme : The place of Islam in


Purpose: The promotion of the self-respect and understanding between Christians and Islamists


Type of activities : panel discussions, round tables, workshops


Primary target group : 60  participantis from all over
, 15 participants from 
North Africa
si The Arabian Peninsula  between 20-30 years old


Secondary target group : The local community from Bucuresti


Participants number: 75




The ideea that behind this project is the fact that in spite of the large muslim communities that exist nowadays in
, there is still a great degree of misunderstanding of the adepts of this religion due to the lack of knowledge. The conference from
will end a series of 11 events that took place within 2 years all over
and will gather and present the results of the project to the target groups.






Operation period : 31st of October – 6th of November




Subject: Preparing trainers


Purpose : The developing and promovation of new methods of non - formal education for developing  comunication abilities and interpesonal relations


Activities: debates, workshops


Target group: young people fron , , , , , The Netherlands, , and Tukey


The estimated number of participants: 30




AEGEE Bucuresti has a wide experience regarding the activities of non- formal education.One of its best and succesfull is the debate club, born 5 years ago.After taking part in the club’s activities the young Bucharest students have had the chance of developing and exercise different personal abilities like a structured way of thinking, the ability to give arguments, presentation skills.Its succes determined the organization of such clubs in other 3 european cities: Athens(Greece), Munchen(Germany) and Zielona- Gora(Poland). Ynteract wants to take this project farther.


























Purpose it intends to use the money

Our organization has periodically projects for students  and the quality of this events depends of  project budget. We are looking to obtain money for this projects from the institutions and from companies. Generally speaking, the costs are:

to rent  the conference halls or the stalls

to rent the electronic equipments

to pay trainers

to promote the events

official trips

office paper

coffee breaks or dinner parties

logistics costs

There are and other costs in our organization. This are regarding the upkeep of our headquarters, the new recruitements and miscellanous. For all this, our organization offer justificatives documents.

Details about projects beneficiaries

Students from Bucharest or other European cities where are AEGEE antenas

Sorce of founds

The financial sources are coming from:


a)       donations and  contributions from physical and juridical persons;


b)      finances from organisations from your country and from abroad ;


c)       subscriptions of members;


d)      incomes from the economic activities of the associaties made with the purpose of self - financing.


e)       sponsorisation


f)        other legal means


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