Fundatia Pentru Voi( Pentru Voi ) Activate in:: health and social services since 1996

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Str. Ion Slavici, nr 47
Timisoara 300521 , Timis
Location: 5 Vest

Phone: 0256 228 062
Fax: 0356 421 215

Laurens Elmendorp
Executive manager:
Laila Onu
Contact person:
Nicoleta Foica / Responsabil PR

Activity fields:
health and social services

Found in: 1996

Annual budget: peste 100.000 USD/an

Beneficiaries: 180
persoane cu dizabilitati

No. of employee: 58
No. of volunteers: 40
Volunteers profile:
Everybody is welcome in Pentru Voi family, and the volunteers rich us with new ideas, with creativity and freshness. Till now we worked with youngsters and adults with age between 15 and 50 years old.

Account (lei): RO08INGB0002001138648910
Account (Euro): RO10INGB0002001138640726
Account (US Dollars): RO86INGB0002001138644014

Bank: ING Bank

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Access no.: 4510
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Fundatia Pentru Voi ( Pentru Voi )


To promote a new social policy based on UN Standard Rules on Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.

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1. Developing the services provided and dividing them : employment centre and activities centre. In order to do this we will build a new centre, especially designed for those with severe disabilities. We hope that, by the end of 2005, we’ll be able to move 40 service users with severe disabilities, autism and challenging behavior in the new building. 2. Diversifying the residential services by developing a social housing network for persons with intellectual disabilities . This is a very new concept for Romania, being the last step towards independency. We will support five persons coming from institutions, which used to benefit of our residential services during the last years. By the end of 2005 they will be completely on their own feet. 3. Creating a respite care centre –for our service users with challenging behavior, located in DINU house (down strairs), in Sacalaz. We will provide temporary housing services for maximum 3 service users at a time, in crisis situations, at the family’s request. The target is service users with challenging behavior and autism. This centre would be a premiere for Romania, and the service users need well trained staff in order to notice improvements in their behavior. This is why we will continue the training programs with the professionals from Cambridge University, UK.

Three reasons to get a donation:
  1. “Pentru Voi” Foundation is the only service provider organization for adults with intellectual disabilities from Timis County .

  2. “Pentru Voi” Foundation is a model of excellence for Central and Eastern Europe in providing services for adults with disabilities

  3. The Foundation has a continuity of nine years and due to its professional services the number of our service users increased permanently.

NGO in numbers:
We offer 9 different services for our clients.
Annual, we offer trainings and consultancy for 50 organizations active in the disability field, from Romania and Central and Eastern Europe.
We have 120 service users , adults with minor and profound intellectual disabilities.
The annual budget in 2004 was 161.415 euro.
In the last 5 years we published more than 50 publications in the disability field.
Main projects:

2005 , Creating a new centre for people with severe disabilities 2005 , Creating a respite care centre for our clients with challenging behavior and autism 2004-2005 , Capacity building 1998 – 2006 , Parents mobilization action group 1996 – present , Day Centre “Pentru Voi” with residential services

Purpose it intends to use the money

We will use the money to build and to equip a new Day Centre for people with severe and multiple disabilities. “Pentru Voi” Centre is the only service provider from Timisoara available for the adults with intellectual disabilities. We already have 120 clients and a long waiting list for the admission in the centre (most of the people who are waiting have multiple and severe disabilities). In this moment we can’t accept more people in the centre, because there is a lack of space. These are some of the reasons made really necessary to create a new Day Centre in Timisoara.

Details about projects beneficiaries

Our service users are adults with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Sorce of founds

The most important financers and the cumulated amount of money in the last 5 years are: · Local Council of Timisoara: 500.000 euro · Open Society Institute - MDAP: 150.000 euro · Rotary Clubs from Elst, Timisoara and Rotary International Foundation : 150.000 euro · SHIA: 120.000 euro · Hoppe Friends Foundation: 50.000 euro · WACR: 50.000 euro · European Union Founds: 50.000 euro · Co-operating Netherlands Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe: 40.000 euro

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